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About Search Engines

Search Engines and Directories

The term "search engine" is a generic term that is used to talk about both search engines and directories. Directories use people to review sites before including them. Yahoo and Open Directory are examples of directories. Search engines use crawlers or applications that harvest information from web pages for inclusion. Google and Lycos are examples of crawler-type search engines. Some directories and search engines work together or "partner" to help maximize search results. For example, Yahoo uses Google to list web site matches in their searches while Lycos and AOL make use of Open Directory's listings.

Submitting Your Site

Submitting your site to both directories and search engines is important and can be accomplished in different ways. You can submit your website to several search engines at once using a 'site submitter' website, but directories are more effectively done manually. Directories often require specific information about the site and/or submitter and better results are accomplished by submitting to them individually. Also, as some directories increase their strategies for discouraging spamming, they almost make manual submission a requirement.

Paid Submissions
Increasingly, search engines are allowing or sometimes requiring payment to review your site for inclusion. There is no guarantee that they will list your site, but they do claim to review it more promptly. We will be happy to submit your site to a search engine with paid submission and bill you accordingly.

Submission Frequency
The rules of the search engine game change almost daily and so does information on how often you should submit your site. While the time it takes to list your site varies from search engine to search engine, it is generally acceptable to re-submit your site within 2-3 weeks if you are not listed.

More Search Engine Information

For more information about how search engines work and the latest news about their ranking techniques visit the following links:

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Rave Reviews

Bell Pine Art Farm

The folks at Datahost are accommodating and accessible. They put their hearts into their work and it comes through in their product!

I love them, and my web site.

Debbie Berrow
Bell Pine Art Farm

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