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Awesome Software

Easy Store Manager

Our Store Manager lets you easily add or remove products and categories, change pricing, make changes to multiple products or categories from one screen, set search engine keywords and more. Using only your web browser, you can make changes and watch them take effect instantly.

Here's a list of some of the features available to you. If you have a specific question, please drop us an email.

Features For You

  • Multiple levels of categories and subcategories
  • Hide or Show products and categories at any time.
  • Volume pricing including markups for add-ons.
  • Set multiple choice lists for size, color or anything you want.
  • Customize the information you want to collect from your customers when they place an order.
  • Automated email responders, to confirm receipt of your customer's order
  • Multiple options for shipping calculations.
  • Sales Tax calculated automatically.
  • Orders are delivered to your email address instantly and securely.
  • We'll help you set up a Merchant Account to take credit card payments.
  • We offer support for real-time credit card processing.

Features For Your Customers

Internet shoppers are much like TV viewers, if they get bored or frustrated they'll quickly move to another website. Our shopping cart offers many ways for your customers to find what they are looking for and not 'get lost' in your online store. These features include:

Easy and flexible navigation helps shoppers browse and order your products.

  • Yahoo Style Navigation e.g. Categories > Toys > Ages 4-6
  • Built-in Search tool allows users to quickly view matching products.
  • Users can zoom in to any product for a more detailed view.
  • Move to other categories or products in the current category with one click.
  • Continue Shopping button takes your customer back to the most recent category they shopped.
Simple and Secure Ordering
We have given alot of attention to eliminating barriers to ordering on the web. Customers will get impatient if they need to go through too many screens to reach their goal.

We offer several ways for your customers to order and we've made our checkout procedure simple and secure.

  • Visitors to your site can browse your online catalog and add items to the cart on any page that displays a product.
  • We offer a 'Quick Order Form' that displays groups of products. Shoppers can simply enter the quantity of each item they want to purchase and proceed to checkout or shop from other categories.
  • A third method which is useful to repeat customers, allows users to simply enter sku numbers(or product id numbers) and move directly to checkout.
  • These order methods all work together, so you can offer all them to your customers.
  • To checkout, customers fill-in one form, click to review, and then click again to confirm. That's it. Some other carts require users to fill-in page after page of shipping, billing, and other data.
  • Immediately upon placing an order, your customer will receive an email confirmation.

Features for Wholesalers

If you sell to wholesale customers, we have the features you need.
  • Password protected wholesale customer area.
  • Dealer Inquiry Form
  • Allow anyone to browse your catalog, but only allow dealers to order. Or allow both retail and wholesale customers to order.
  • Reach wholesale and retail customers with different pricing and product options.
  • Show products to retail or wholesale customers only.
  • Special text such as retail specials or wholesale pricing can be shown to wholesale or retail customers only.
  • Find a Store Near You allows visitors to enter a zip code to find resellers in their area. (Click here for an example).
  • Collect different order information from wholesale and retail customers. (For example, add different payment methods for wholesale customers.)

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Rave Reviews

Winship Designs

From initial conceptual work to the actual implementation and construction of my web site, Datahost's expertise and professionalism is noteworthy. In particular, my ability to manage the ever changing content of my site, facilitated by Datahost's own MightyMerchant program, is extremely valuable; very powerful. The increase in business from my web site speaks for itself. We get orders every day from the web site and confidently refer potential customers to it, knowing they will have a great informational tool at their disposal.

Dave Winship
Winship Designs

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