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Search Engine Optimization

Before you submit your website to the major search engines, you will need to prepare it by incorporating words or phrases that will be used in relevant searches. Our site optimization techniques will maximize your opportunity of getting listed in the major search engines.

Website Preparation

While every search engine catalogs or indexes sites using a variety of different methods, most use one or more of the following items to rank and list your site. When we optimize your website, we'll take the following steps to prepare your site for submission:
  • Create a List of Keywords & Site Description: We create a list of about 15 keywords to be used in the titles on your website pages and in your meta tags (see below). These keywords or short phrases reflect your business objective, products, services and, if applicable, the geographical region that you do business in. They often describe specific elements of your business that make it unique or reflect your specialty. We then create a site description of about 20-25 words that entails what your business provides using the your most important keywords.
  • Customize Meta Tags: Using your keywords and description, we create meta tags for each page of your site. Meta tags are areas of text that are hidden from the viewer of a page but accessible to browsers and robots. They are located in the section of the HTML code. Robots use meta tags to find out more about a web page, hence they can effect the search ranking. The description meta tag is used by some search engines to provide a brief description of the web page for the search result. Note: If your site has a Datahost Shopping Cart, the dynamic catalog pages of your site will have custom meta keywords and descriptions automatically put in by the program itself. This added feature ensures that each catalog page has unique and applicable keywords to help search engines find your site and your products.
  • Use Descriptive Page Titles: Using the keywords and phrases, we expand your page titles. Search engines often use page titles to rank your site.
  • Incorporate Keyword Content: Where possible, we incorporate your keywords and phrases into the content of your site. Having relative and specific content that pertains to your business is not only helpful for your users, but helps search engines determine your ranking.
  • Use HTML Links: If your site design includes an image that has links in it, a search engine's crawler might not be able to use those links to crawl the rest of the site. If that's the case, we ensure that your site has sufficient HTML or "text" links on your pages.

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Search Engine Optimization - Optimizing web pages for search engines

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